New Frog Service BRING A FRIEND

At FROG, you can talk with your friends for FREE!
Invite your friends to FROG
and get 300’ of FREE talk time
each, every month, so that you
can talk to each other!
Invite up to 10 friends to activate a new FROG connection and get 300΄
so that you can call them free of charge. By the same token,
they will also get 300΄ to call you free of charge!

Once a friend of yours activates the FROG service,
follow the steps below to get 300’ of free talk time.
Service activation
If your friend’s FROG connection has been activated, log in to the FROG App. Find the service under “Packages” and tap the service icon in the category “EXTRAS”, so that you can enter their number. Once you have entered their number, a message confirming that the service has been activated will appear on screen.

If you were invited by a friend, you will receive an SMS directing you to the respective App page (under “Packages”, category “Extras”) where you should simply tap “Service Activation” on the screen informing you about your friend’s invitation.
Get 300’ free talk time!
After activating the service, the “FRIENDS BONUS” package that gives you 300’ talk time to your friends will be available each month from the section “Packages” under “Free extras Just for you”.

The package will be updated every 30 days and you will receive an SMS with a link directing you to the package on the App so that you can activate it again.

Check how many minutes of talk time you have left
To check your talk time left, go to Homepage and select MINUTES TO FRIENDS.
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